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10 Jun 2004, entry by Hanno Lecher

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Unbreakable spirits - Women breaking down barriers in China

Ed./Corp.: Artistic Circles and Public Radio International, Minneapolis,
MN, USA (release); Asia Source, Asia Society, New York, USA (access).
Language: English.

Self description: AsiaSource is featuring audio excerpts from
Unbreakable Spirits, a 12-part, half hour radio series released by
Artistic Circles and Public Radio International (PRI). The series takes
listeners to the heart and soul of China's emerging women musical and
performance artists from Beijing, Liaoning Province, Hong Kong and
Shanghai.  Through interviews and music, meet the first all-female rock
band, the first woman conductor, and a female Buddhist monk. Though
years of research and travel, Ann Feldman, Executive Director of
Artistic Circles, produced Unbreakable Spirits as an overview of Chinese
women's cultural creativity in classical, traditional and contemporary
music, in religious practice and cultural ceremony.

Contents: (1) A Daughter's View; (2) COBRA - China Rocks!; (3) Female
Buddhist Monk; (4) Tang Dynasty Today; (5) Anti-Japanese Protest Songs;
(6) The Making of Unbreakable Spirits; (7) Bio of the producer of
Unbreakable Spirits..

Note: Real Player needed (free download from Web site).


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