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16 Sep 2004, by Martin Gieselmann

New in IGCS - Chinese Film and Movies

Senses of Cinema

Ed./Corp.: Senses of Cinema Inc.
Language: English.

Self description: "Senses of Cinema is an online journal devoted to the
serious and eclectic discussion of cinema."

Description: Though not specialized on Chinese cinema, this site holds a
number of articles on films and directors from China. Two sections are
especially worth to be mentioned: the film critics (CTEQ) and the directors
section. The last one includes for example articles on Chang Cheh, Jia
Zhangke, Clara Law, Wang Xiaoshuai, Wong Kar-wai, Edward Yang, Zhang Yimou
and others. Written by a number of different specialists, these writings
contain often fresh view on film in China. They also offer extremely
comprehensive web resources on a given director. Senses of Cinema is as a
rule published bi-monthly and supported by the Australian Film Commission.
First issued in December 1999 it holds 32 issues today (September 2004). All
of them are available online.

Contents: Book Reviews, Film Festival Reports, Great Directors and
Cinémathèque Annotations of Films (CTEQ).


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