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16 Jan 2005, recorded by Hanno E. Lecher

New in IGCS - Dictionaries

Chinese English dictionary

Ed./Corp.: Indra Kurniawan, Arlington, TX, USA.
Language: English.

Self description: "(1) Based on CEDICT which contains more that 23000
entries and UNIHAN which contains more than 27000 characters information.
Currently 20370 characters are being used from UNIHAN since the others are
neither renderable nor Chinese characters. (2) Compatible with traditional
and simplified Chinese characters. (3) User friendly interface with multiple
windows for convenience and productivity. (4) Characters lookup by copying
and pasting Chinese character or by typing Chinese character. (5) Characters
lookup by radicals and number of strokes. (6) Chinese vocabularies lookup by
Pinyin, Cantonese and Japanese pronunciation. (Cantonese and Japanese
pronunciation is still in development; vocabularies lookup is based on
CEDICT, future version will support characters lookup by Pinyin from UNIHAN
as well as a Pinyin index table). (7) Chinese vocabularies lookup by
English. (Currently is based on CEDICT only). (8) Can be used for
Japanese-English Kanji dictionary."

Description: Although no longer actively maintained, this is a very
practical on-line dictionary for both Chinese characters and words.

Contents: (1) Features; (2) Requirements; (3) Limitations and Know Issues;
(4) User Manual; (5) Dictionary; (6) Related Links; (7) Future Developments;
(8) License Agreement and Disclaimer.

Resource suggested by Indra Kurniawan, Arlington, TX, USA.


With kind regards,

Hanno E. Lecher



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