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18 Jan 2005, recorded by Hanno E. Lecher

New in IGCS - Bibliogrpahies

Yangtze Patrol: American Naval Forces in China. A Selected, Partially-Annotated Bibliography

Ed./Corp.: Mike Hanson, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, USA.
Language: English.

Self description: "[...] For nearly a hundred years, from the middle of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth, the United States Navy patrolled the river, protecting American citizens and interests. [...] Now, the Yangtze River Patrol Memorial Foundation has honored the Naval Postgraduate School's Knox Library by selecting it as a repository for their book collection, records, and memorabilia.This is particularly appropriate given that the library's namesake, Commodore Dudley Knox, commanded the gunboat U.S.S. Iris during China's Boxer Rebellion of a century ago. The honor, we acknowledge, brings with it the Great Responsibility to care for the collection, to augment and improve it, to document it, and to make it available for scholarly researchers. The compilation of this modest bibliography is the first public step toward that goal. [...] In creating this partially-annotated bibliography, the intent was that it should be an 'entertaining' as well as an 'informative' work. An attempt was made to select cogent snippets from the comments and works of others that would, when taken together, provide a sort of broad overview of the times, the issues, and the events. In other words, a reader who knew nothing about the Yangtze Patrol could peruse this bibliography and come away not only enlightened and intrigued but also motivated to delve into some of the works cited herein."

Contents: (1) Introduction; (2) Books / Monographs; (3) Magazines / Journals; (4) Private Papers / Manuscripts; (5) Internet / WWW Sites; (6) Oral Histories / Interviews; (7) Maps / Atlases; (8) Photographs / Iconographs; (9) Newspaper Articles; (10) Film / Video; (11) Newsletters; (12) Government Reports / Documents.


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