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18 Jan 2005, recorded by Matthias Arnold

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China Digital News

Ed./Corp.: Qiao Xiang, Berkeley China Internet Project, University of California, USA.
Language: English, Chinese (GB, Beta).

Self description: "China Digital News (CDN) is a collaborative news weblog covering China's social and political transition and its emerging role in the global community." [About us]. "[...] a collaborative news weblog about emerging information and communication technologies and their impact on Chinese society. Our mission is to advance the understanding of the ongoing information revolution in China by serving as a news aggregator, public forum and on-line resource center." [Mission statement 2.0, Sep 2003]

Description: A very up-to-date blog run by human rights activist Qiao Xiang. Formerly called "China NetXing" (China Net Crossing) the latest news are mentioned or discussed in very short notes and the link to the original source is given. A simple "Search" and a "Browse by Category" function are available, as well as a subscription for daily email news. All postings are archived (starting in September 2003), however, the original documents cited are not archived. A Chinese version is in Beta mode (

Contents: (1) [News]; (2) Editor's Pick; (3) Search Contents; (4) Browse by Category; (5) Subscription; (6) Recent Comments; (7) About China Digital News; (8) Blog Roll; (9) Resources; (10) Archives; (11) Recent TrackBacks.

Resource suggested by Nico Volland, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany; and by Michel Hockx, SOAS, London, UK.


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