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21 Jan 2005, recorded by Hanno E. Lecher

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????: ??????? Weiji baike: ziyou de baike quanshu (Chinese Wikipedia)

Ed./Corp.: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., Florida, USA.
Language: Chinese (UTF-8, mixed simplified and traditional).

Description: This is the Chinese version of the well known free content encyclopedia project Wikipedia. Wiki means that anyone can add new or edit existing articles. Begun in January 2001, by the end of 2004 the English version contained some 460,000 entries; the Chinese version had about 19,000 entries. The wealth of information is staggering, although this resources should be used with caution.

Site contents: Next to the general encyclopedia there are also a few sister projects listed at the bottom of the home page: (1) ???? (Wiktionary: Dictionary and thesaurus); (2) ????? (Wikibooks: Free textbooks and manuals); (3) ???? (Wikiquote: Collection of quotations); (4) ???? (Wikisource: Free source documents); (5) ???? (Wikispecies: Directory of species); (6) ???? (English only: Wikinews: Free content news source); (7) ?????? (Commons: Shared media repository); (8) ??? (Meta-Wiki: Wikimedia project coordination).

Resource suggested by Michel Hockx, SOAS, London, UK.

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