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15 Feb 2005, reviewed by Hanno E. Lecher

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Ed./Corp.: Yidan Han (ed. in chief), Poetrysky, [USA].
Language: English; Chinese (GB).

Self description: " is the first bilingual poetry website in the world publishing both English and Chinese versions of poetry. It was founded by Yidan Han, a Chinese poet based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, in December 2004. belongs to Poetrysky - a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in poetry, enhancing poetic exchange between American, English and Chinese poets, and encouraging artistic creativity in poetry writing. The board of advisors of the Website includes Xie Mian, William Marr, Minghua Chen, Yan Li and James T. C. Na, who are well-known critics, poets and translators."

Description: PoetrySky also issues "Poetry Quarterly" 双语季 , an on-line journal publishing poems both in English and in Chinese.

Site contents: (1) About PoetrySky 诗天空简介; (2) Poetry Quarterly 双语季 ; (3) Interviews 诗人访谈; (4) Critic's Column 诗评家专 ; (5) Book Review 新书点评; (6) Forum 论坛; (7) Contests & Awards 诗歌比赛; (8) Editor's Email  稿信箱; (9) Links 友情链接.

Resource suggested by Yidan Han, via MCLC mailing list (16 Feb 2005).


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