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06 Mar 2005, reviewed by Matthias Arnold

New in IGCS - Bibliographies

Culture and Society of Hong Kong: A Bibliography

Ed./Corp.: Sidney C.H. Cheung and Siumi Maria Tam Cheung, Anthropology
Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.
Language: English and Chinese (Big5).

Self description: "The aim of this bibliography is to facilitate research on
Hong Kong by categorizing selected academic publications on the culture and
society of Hong Kong. It is our hope that not only will anthropologists find
this compilation useful, but also anyone who is interested in understanding
more about Hong Kong will find this a handy reference."

Description: This is one of the online publications by the Anthropology
Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It was compiled in July
1999 (last rev. May 2002).

Site contents: (0) Preface; (1) Belief Systems; (2) Cultural Symbolism; (3)
Ethnicity; (4) Food and Health; (5) Gender and Sex; (6) Human Ecology; (7)
Language; (8) Marriage and Family; (9) Migration; (10) Political Life; (11)
Popular Culture; (12) Social Development; (13) Socialization and Education;
(14) Work and Economics; (15) Related Bibliographies.


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