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20 Mar 2005, reviewed by Matthias Arnold

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Shijie ribao quanwen jiansuo xitong (The World Daily fulltext search system)

Ed./Corp.: Shih Hsin University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Language: Chinese (Big5).

Description: "A daily founded in Beiping in 1925 by Cheng Shewo ???
(1898-1991). The first issue appeared on February 10. It consisted of eight
pages (one big sheet) in the beginning, and was later expanded to three
sheets or 24 pages. The Shijie ribao was addressed to the political and
educational circles; it was famous for its editorials, which were mostly
authored by Cheng Shewo; it had special columns for economics, education and
women's issues; and it included a pictorial, which later was issued
separately. Other supplements followed. Lu Xun belonged to the frequent
contributors to the paper. Circulation is said to have reached 40 to 50,000.
After Cheng Shewo had been taken into custody by the warlord Zhang Zongchang
??? due to his critique of warlord politics, his comments became more
cautious. Publication stopped in August 1937, when the Japanese occupied
Beiping. It reappeared on November 20, 1945, taking an anti-Communist
stance. Publication stopped on February 25, 1949. Between May 1945 and July
1949, a Chongqing edition was published" (Source: Gan Xifen: Xinwenxue da
cidian, Zhengzhou, 1993. Translation kindly provided by Dr. Andrea Janku).
The digitization of Shijie ribao is an ongoing project, currently (March
2005) the news articles between 1926 and 1929 and scanned images of the
first five issues of May 1926 are available. The search (direct access at provides three fulltext fields
that can be combined with AND, OR or NOT, and two date search fields.
Results are displayed in a single list, hits in the title are marked in red
(not within the article itself). Unfortunately, the image-files are named
using Big5 characters and are thus not easily accessible on western

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