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2 Mar 2005, reviewed by Matthias Arnold

New in IGCS - Chinese Music (

CHIME - European Foundation For Chinese Music Research

Ed./Corp.: CHIME, Leiden, The Netherlands.
Language: English.

Self description: "CHIME is a foundation for the promotion of Chinese music research, based in Leiden, the Netherlands. It was founded early in 1990 by European music scholars from four different countries. CHIME serves as an active world-wide network of researchers of Chinese music."

Description: The biggest attraction of this website are (1) the bibliography and (2) the link list. While the latter is a partly annotated collection of a broad variety of links to websites related to Chinese music (May 2004), the bibliography (started 2000) is even more ambitious: "In its final form, it is scheduled to include all major writings (books, theses, articles) on Chinese music and related subjects which have appeared in major Western languages (mainly in English, French, and German) from the 1980s onwards until the present." In addition, the site offers the TOC of all issues of the CHIME journal, and gives some information on the library, projects, etc.

Site contents: (1) Welcome to CHIME; (2) General information; (3) Journal; (4) Monographs; (5) Meetings; (6) Library; (7) Projects; (8) News; (9) Bibliography; (10) Music venues China; (11) Concerts; (12) Links.


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