Internet Guide for Chinese Studies Newsletter
29 May 2005, reviewed by Hanno E. Lecher

New in IGCS - News Media (

Press Interpreter: the foreign language press in English

Ed./Corp.: Press Interpreter, Cambridge, MA, USA.
Language: English.

Supplied note: "Provides informal translations of articles from the
Chinese language press, particularly the Nanfang Zhoumo, in English on a
weekly basis. Useful for those interested in getting a general sense of
what is appearing in the Chinese press and for students of Chinese who
want to practice translation skills." 

Self description: "Press Interpreter is the website of the World Press
Translation Project; its mission is to draw on the translating power of
the Internet community to bring a translingual perspective to Internet
news. Any polyglo! t can contribute. Warning: The quality of
translations is subject only to volunteer community review."

Contents: (1) Beijing Qingnian Bao (Beijing Youth Daily); (2) Caijing;
(3) Nanfang Zhoumo (Southern Weekend); (4) Xiandai Kuaibao (The Modern
Bulletin); (5) Other.

Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (26 Feb 2005) by Ramsi
Woodcock, Press Interpreter, Cambridge, MA, USA.


With kind regards,

Hanno E. Lecher



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