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22 Jun 2005, reviewed by Hanno E. Lecher

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Art & Material Culture of China

Ed./Corp.: Oliver Moore, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands.
Language: English.

Self description: "Art and Material Culture of China serves as a reference and research aid for students of China's art and/or cultural history. The website attempts to provide a broad coverage for all forms of material production and art throughout the (pre)history of China. The website has been designed in the first instance for the Leiden scholarly community - with attention to research/teaching priorities in Leiden - but it is hoped that it may function equally well for other users. The site provides reference to Western and Chinese bibliographical sources and internet resources. You will find no visual images directly embedded in this website, but a number of links provide access to various image collections/resources (see Links)." 

Description: Currently still unannotated, this is an extensive research guide to Chinese art and material culture. The site will be continously updated, and, since its further development is institutionalized, its current (and improved) quality should be guaranteed. 

Site contents: (1) Home; (2) Links (Leiden; Institutes; Museums; Websites); (3) Bibliographies (Art History; Neolithic Arts; Brozes; Archaeology and History; Shang; Ceramics; Jade Objects; Qin-Shihuang and Imperial Burial; Buddhist Art; Garden and Man-Made Landscapes; Calligraphy; Painting; Printing; Modern Art Movements in China; Sculpture; Relic Deposits; Export of Chinese Goods; Architecture; Dunhuang; Wooden Objects; Textiles and Embroidery; Lacquer; (Precious) Metal; Glass; Stones and other Objects; Periodicals; Exhibition Catalogues; Collections); (4) About.


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