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28 Jul 2005, reviewed by Matthias Arnold

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Zhongguo yanjiu lunwenku  = China Research Papers Online - Paper Collection

Ed./Corp.: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.
Language: Chinese (GB); English.

Supplied note: "An immense collection of online and printed articles on China. The "Paper Collection" is part of the Universities Service Centre homepage hosted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong." 

Description: Although the criteria for selection of the papers remain unclear this site contains a number of high quality articles, especially on modern society, politics and economy. The texts are available as fulltext html-files and the site offers good cross-links to related articles. However, there are no references to original page numbers, most articles do not show publishing dates, notes are not linked and in some western texts the spaces are not correctly displayed. The search function looks for title, author, and (free) keywords, result lists may be long but search terms are not highlighted. Articles may also be browsed by author (Chinese names only) or (sub-) categories. 

Site contents: (1) Philosophy, Culture, History; (2) Society, Household, Social Sciences; (3) Economy, Labor and Capital, Communications; (4) Industry, Service Sector; (5) Rural Areas, Agriculture; (6) Politics, Administration; (7) Diplomacy, Military Affairs, National Policies; (8) Finance, Banking, Trade; (9) Law; (10) Education; (11) Environment, Geography, Science; (12) Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan; (13) Literature, Arts; (14) Research Reports, Book Reviews; (15) Browse by Categories; (16) Article Search; (17) Authors Index; (18) Submit Articles. 

Resource suggested by Christian G?, Duisburg University, Duisburg, Germany.


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