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16 Aug 2005, reviewed by Hanno E. Lecher

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Journal Asiatique

Ed./Corp.: Gallica, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France.
Language: French.

ISSN: 0021-762X.
Numbering: 1 (1822) - .
Frequency: Semi-annual.

Self description: The Journal Asiatique, started in 1822, is the oldest orientalist journal published in France and the official organ of the Société Asiatique de Paris. Since its inception, it has been devoted to the publication of highly erudite articles presenting the results of new and achieved researches. Initially mostly devoted to orientalist philology and history, it has come to cover all the disciplines of both the humanities and the social sciences for an area stretching from the Near East to Japan. Besides French, the languages accepted for publication are English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Availability: All articles of issues 1 (1822) - 225 (1934) freely available on-line.

Resource suggested by James Ward, via EASTLIB mailinglist, 16 Aug 2005.


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