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1 May 2006, reviewed by Hanno Lecher

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中国新闻研究中心 (China Media Research Center; CDDC)
Ed./Corp.: CDDC, Beijing, China
Language: Chinese (GB)

Description: The China Media Research Center (or, following their own translation: China Dominant-journalism Development Center) was established in November 2001 as a source of information for scholars and people from the media sector. CDDC offers articles, analysis, reports and discussion on a wide range of topics related to media in China, authored by journalists, researchers, lawers and other authorities from the field. You shouldn't expect articles running counter to government expectation, though: CDDC is certainly no platform for government dissent. Thus, you will find discussion of the "Mantou" issue (Chen Kaige's "The promise" being spoofed by a short on-line video, "A Murder Caused by Mantou", but a search for "Bingdian" doesn't deliver any clue on the 2006 closing of the popular investigative weekly section of China Youth Daily. The articles are presented in an intelligent way (topical, most recent, most popular, search title, search author) so that you can easily keep track of important issues.

Contents: (1) 重点推荐 Recommended reading; (2) 最新文章 New articles; (3) 热点文章 Most popular articles; (4) 传媒经济 Media business; (4) 传媒产业 Media industry; (5) 媒介批评 Media review; (6) 新闻与法 News and law; (7) 新闻业务 News profession; (8) 新闻理论 Theoretical issues of journalism; (9) 新闻学习 Studying journalism; (10) 新闻史学 Media history; (11) 新闻教育 Journalist's education; (12) 媒介人物 People from the media sector; (13) 大众传播 Mass media; (14) 传媒经管 Media management; (15) 舆论影响 Public opinion; (16) 广电世界 Broadcast and television; (17) 广告业 Advertising sector; (18) 新媒体 New media; (19) 媒介动态 Latest developments in the media sector; (20) 传媒人才 New talents for the media sector; (21) 传媒改革 Reforming the media; (22) 新闻伦理 Media and ethics; (23) 书店书评 Book reviews; (24) 传媒调查 Research; (25) 新闻奖项 Diskussing media awards; (26) 媒介展区 Introducing media; (27) 传媒竞争 Media competition; (28) 传媒环境 Background reports; (29) 传媒博客 Media blog; (30) 传媒内参 Newsletter.


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