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21 Jun 2006, reviewed by Hanno Lecher

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Chinese Text Project

Ed./Corp.: Donald Sturgeon
Language: English; Chinese (GB)

Supplied note: "I am a graduate of Chinese philosophy, and have been developing an online e-text system since writing my graduation thesis, when I found that there were no resources on the web that met my particular needs. The aim of the site is to make use of hyperlinks and server-side scripting to create interactive, searchable versions of classic texts of Chinese philosophy which remain completely true to the originals. Standard English and modern Chinese translations of several texts are also integrated into the system (more to be added). I think the site would be particularly useful for anyone studying Mozi, as this is the text I am most interested in and has therefore been the subject of much of my work on the site so far." 

Contents: (1) Mozi; (2) Lunyu; (3) Mengzi; (4) Han Feizi; (5) Zhuangzi; (6) Huainanzi; (7) Shiji; (8) Liji; (9) Gongsun Longzi; (10) Daodejing; (11) Xunzi; (12) Commentaries and translations into Modern Chinese. 

Resource suggested by Donald Sturgeon.


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