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29 Jul 2006, reviewed by Hanno Lecher

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Manuscrits - Orient : Asie centrale et orientale (Oriental Manuscripts : Central and Oriental Asia)

Ed./Corp.: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France.
Language: French.

Description: Scanned versions of the catalogues of the Dunhuang and other East Asian manuscript and early print collections of the National Library of France. Navigation through the catalogues is a bit cumbersome, and no full text search is provided. The catalogues may be saved or printed in PDF or TIFF format, free of charge. 

Contents: (1) Pelliot chinois (Dunhuang manuscripts from the Chinese collection of Paul Pelliot); (2) Pelliot tibétain (Dunhuang manuscripts from the Tibetan collection of Pelliot); (3) Autres collections Pelliot (other Pelliot collections: Chinese, Khotanese, Kuchean, Uighur, Sanskrit, Sogdian, Xixia, divers); (4) Chinois (Chinese manuscripts, xylographies and contemporary prints); (5) Coréen (Korean manuscripts, xylographies and contemporary prints); (6) Japonais (1900 Japanese manuscripts and xylographies); (7) Mandchou (297 Manchurian manuscripts and xylographies); (8) Mongol (175 Mongolian xylographies and prints); (9) Tibétain (333 Tibetan manuscripts and 1506 xylographies). 

Availability: Not all texts are available yet (Jul 2006), but those that are are freely available in PDF and TIFF format. 

Resource suggested by Rudolf Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany. 


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