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The last announcement contained a wrong URL for the China Biographical Database Project, and Chinese characters that did not display. My apologies for this.

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China Biographical Database Project (CBDB) (Harvard-Yenching Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA ; Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taibei, Taiwan ; Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History, Peking University, Beijing, China) 
Language: Chinese ; English. 
Cited description: "[...] an online relational database with biographical information about approximately 40,000 individuals as of July 2008, primarily from the seventh through fourteenth centuries. The data is meant to be useful for statistical and spatial analysis as well as serving as a kind of biographical reference. The long term goal of CBDB is systematically to include all significant biographical material from China?s history and to make the contents available free of charge, without restriction, for academic use." 
Contents: (1) Home; (2) History of the CBDB; (3) Collaborating Institutions and Editorial Committee; (4) Methodological Issues; (5) Mapping and Analyzing CBDB Data; (6) Structure of Data; (7) Work Progress; (8) Download CBDB Data; (9) Conferences and Papers; (10) First International Workshop on Biographical Databases for China's History; (11)Discussion Forum; (12) FAQ; (13) Chinese Homepage. 
Availability: Free. 
Resource suggested by Peter K. Bol, Harvard University, USA 


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