Hi, Will

Thanks for this. I am more than happy to support bidirectional typesetting in LaTeX3, so it seems that I need to start when you almost have finished the coding. Is there any official way that someone can join LaTeX3 project? I mean I would like to join the project to add features for bidirectional typesetting support. I have been  working on bidirectional typesetting for a long time and would appreciate if I could join the project to support bidirectional typesetting because currently ConTeXt is supporting bidirectional and vertical typesetting and it would be nice if we do this in LaTeX3. As LaTeX3 team also maintain the LaTeX2e, then I think bidirectional support can be added to the current LaTeX2e, so we can add latex.chg file which is intended for bidirectional support? I might also be talking rubbish because I do not know if LaTeX3 team has any interest in bidirectional typesetting.

On the other hand, there is a problem with contributed packages in LaTeX2e. A package that is written by X, would include a command where its name is already used in the other package and if the user uses these two packages, then he will be experienceing such problems. Is there any plan that in LaTeX3, we can control contributed packages to avoid such problems?