Hi Vafa,

On 01/01/2009, at 8:25 PM, VAFA KHALIGHI wrote:

> Currrently with LaTeX2e packages and classes, only LTR typesetting  
> is considered and there is no attention for RTL typesetting, so I  
> was just wondering if you guys are going to consider RTL typesetting  
> in LaTeX3 and design some classes for RTL typesetting? Currently  
> There are lost of changes that needs to be done to normal LaTeX2e  
> classses (like article, report and book) so that they will support  
> RTL typesetting properly. So will RTL typesetting be considered in  
> the LaTeX3?

I can't speak for the entire LaTeX3 team but I imagine that RTL  
features, at least, will be considered as part of the final "design  
brief" for features to include in the default document templates.

Our current focus is on developing the underlying programming layer,  
so any work on the document templates is a long, long way off; much  
code needs to be written first. Please feel free to take a look at  
what is currently being worked on: <