I'm the developer of luainputenc (inputenc adapted for LuaTeX). Sorry to
come back to this topic, but I think an answer to Will's question would
be necessary soon... inputenc needs adjustments in order to work with
LuaTeX and XeTeX. I can build a new package called luainputenc, but I
think it will be confusing for the user, and it makes LuaLaTeX unable to
compile old LaTeX documents, so it would be really great if some
modifications to inputenc were made. I think Will's idea is the best
one, having inputenc.sty being basically:


You wouldn't have to maintain anything else than this small file you'll
never have to change, and the legacyinputenc, and all the new things
would be maintained by Will and me.

Also I have a legal problem: is it possible for me to distribute a
modified copy of inputenc.sty (called luainputenc.sty), and of utf8.def
(called lutf8.def) with the lppl?

Thank you in advance,