Dnia 2011-09-11, o godz. 20:31:01
Joseph Wright <[log in to unmask]> napisaƂ(a):

> Hello all,
> Currently, provision of scratch variables (such as \l_tmpa_tl) is
> somewhat inconsistent in expl3. However, it is also not entirely clear
> if these 'general scratch' variables are really idea in any case. Do
> people see a general need for these variables, or will most users
> expect to define their own scratch space in all cases?
> (The kernel does not use any of these scratch variables, so they are
> only intended for third-party use in any case.)

Hi all,

I do not (yet) use LaTeX3, but I am an author of one LaTeX2e class (not
distributed yet) and I have to say that I find such scratch variables
quite useful.  Defining "private" ones in packages is what seems to me
a waste of resources.


Marcin Borkowski