Hello all,

The team have been tightening up on use of x-type arguments within
l3kernel. This has led to the following revisions within l3msg and
l3file. At the same time, some other inconsistencies have been addressed.

The following now has the correct argument specification, and the
unnecessary argument has been removed:

  \iow_wrap:xnnnN => \iow_wrap:nnnN

The following are deprecated and may be replaced in one of two ways

  \msg_newline:      => \\ or \iow_newline:
  \msg_two_newlines: => \\ or \iow_newline:

The following is deprecated with no replacement:


The following have been revised such that they now are variants of
n-type base functions. These variants will be removed along with the
other deprecated functions after a suitable delay:


The deprecated functions will be removed after 2012-12-31.
Joseph Wright