"Randolph J. Herber" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>|>        Please. would you use the proper nomenclature?
>|>        The pairing from your improper nomenclature to what I believe
>|>        is the pertinent nomenclature for what you are attempting to
>|>        discuss is:
>|>                deterministic           ==>             context free
>|>                non-deterministic       ==>             context sensitive

  I get a lot of (very long) letters of this kind, demanding that I should
use this or other terminology.
  I have an old book, "Compilers", by Robin Hunter, that on page 40 defines
the  notions "nondetermistic/deterministic parser" as whether of one can go
back on the decision in the parsing process, or not. This is what I mean.
  On page 231, a "context sensitive parser" is described as a method to
handle a attribute grammars, and the like. This is not what I have in mind.

  Otherwise, I do not understand how this or other terminology can solve
the problems discussed here.

  Hans Aberg