typing a small memo on hboxes et vboxes,
I got surprising alignement (except if I put a empty box
on the first line of the enumerate/itemize)
and some overprinting too.

It was certainly a mistake to bracket some text in
the beginning of an item list, but I wanted brackets

therfore here is the following test for the MASTERS.
I do not put it on the BUG list, because it may be
a feature

Here is the text and admire both overprinting
and misplaced item bullets

VERSION: Latex@e: Document class: article 1996/10/31 v1.3U
        standard LaTeX document class:

\title{bug or feature}
        \item[How and when to use vboxes]
                \item[What to put in a vbox:}
                \item Use a box without emptying...
        \item[How and when to use hboxes]
                \item Usually you  put in a hbox some
                        text you want...
                \item enough...
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