Dear LaTeX gurus,

SR>This is an interesting philosophical point - what is the future of
SR>LaTeX3? to me, its not about authors at all, but about providing
SR>high-quality tools for document formatting professionals.  Does anyone
SR>share my view of the distinction?

I'm but a LaTeX user, but I really appreciate its many advantages and
the fascinating typographical results it allows even lay people (as
far as typesetting is concerned, at least) to achieve. IMHO, it would
be very much of a pity if the LaTeX3 project would produce a high-end
tool intended for use by document formatting professionals,
only. While it is obviously up to nobody else but the LaTeX3 team to
decide what type of a system they want to develop, I'd look sadly at a
"professionals only" LaTeX3... TeX, and LaTeX, after all have been
author's tools, not tools for "document formatting professionals", at
their very beginning, haven't they?

Best regards,

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