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The purpose of this list is to publish additions to the Internet Guide for
China Studies and information on the latest developments of web based
resources relevant to Chinese Studies. For once I will make an exception of
this rule and forward the following request concerning the search for
issues of the Shanghai Jewish Chronicle (for queries like this one there
are lists like H-Asia etc.). Please send replies directly to Ralph B.
Hirsch at <>.


The Shanghai Jewish Chronicle (SJC), published from 1939 to 1945, was the
main newspaper of the German-speaking Jewish refugee community in Shanghai
during World War II. A full or nearly full set of the paper would be a
highly valuable resource for research into the wartime Jewish refuge in
Shanghai. Our association, the Council on the Jewish Experience in Shanghai
(CJES), has begun a worldwide search for issues of this newspaper, with the
intention of arranging to microfilm all issues that can be found. (Other
storage technologies, such as CD-ROM, will also be considered.)

In the USA the results of our search have been meager so far. The largest
institutional holding we've found in the USA is at the Yivo Institute. The
two holdings listed on-line, at Harvard and at Hebrew Union College,
comprise only one issue each.  We have found a handful of issues in private
hands -- mainly former Shanghai refugees who now live in the United States
-- but we think there may be many more.

We have also begun to look for holdings outside the USA, so far mainly in
China and Israel. We know of at least 14 complete issues in the Shanghai
Municipal Library, and there may be more. A few issues have also been found
in university libraries in Israel.

I would greatly appreciate your letting us know the extent of your
institution's holdings, if any, of the Shanghai Jewish Chronicle.  In
addition, if you happen to know of significant holdings elsewhere, we would
welcome that information, as well as any other comments or suggestions you
might have.

Ralph B. Hirsch
Executive Director
Council on the Jewish Experience in Shanghai (CJES)
3500 Race Street
Philadelphia PA 19104-4925
tel/fax +1.215.386.1270
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