Internet Guide for China Studies Newsletter
19. Apr. 1999

New in IGCS - History:

Sinophilia Homepage: History - Political Propaganda 1949-

Ed./Corp.: Diana Lavarini & Anna del Franco, Italy
Language: English.

Self description: "Chinese contemporary history from within: images and
texts out of propagandist publications up to the Seventies. Past issues
feature Tibet in 1959, the Great Leap Forward (1958-'60) and the "barefoot"
doctors of the People's Communes."

Description: This page is part of the Sinophilia Homepage, a site about
Chinese religions, art and history (incl. tools such as Bookstore,
Services, Survey, Links, Info & Mail, Sitemap). Diana Lavarini and Anna
del Franco are graduates in Oriental Languages and Literatures at Venice
University, Italy.

Resource suggested by Diana Lavarini, Sinophilia Homepage, Italy.