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04 Jun 1999

New in IGCS - Academic Institutions (General, Asia):

Qingweiyuan 清 蔚 園

Ed./Corp.: National Tsing Hua University 國 立 清 華 大 學, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Language: Chinese (Big5).

Description: Established on May 14, 1997, this extraordinary project truely
is what its creator Huang Yinong 黃 一 農 claimed during a presentation at
ICICE '99 in May 1999: it is "[...] the first large scale Web-based
educational park in Taiwan". Scholars and specialists from all corners of
Taiwan contribute to the database, aiming at an audience ranging from
school kids to academic researchers. The core of each section are the
Special Exhibitions, providing access to material on a rich selection of
different topics.

Site contents: (1) Science 科 學 館 (Famous Scientists 科 學 名 人 堂; News
Digest from Science Monthly 科 學 新 粹 - 科 學 月 刊 摘 要; Special
Exhibitions 科 學 展 覽; Book Reviews 書 籍 評 論; Related Web Sites 科 學
網 站; etc.); (2) Arts 藝 文 館 (Special Exhibitions 藝 文 展 覽; Gallery
藝 廊; etc.); (3) History 歷 史 館 (Special Exhibitions 歷 史 展 覽;
Related Web Sites 相 關 網 站; History BBS 史 話 大 家 談; etc.); (4) Life
生 活 館 (incl. Special Exhibitions on Chinese Tradition of Wine; the Art
of Black Tea; etc.); (5) On-line Academy 書 院 (Course Syllaby 教 室 etc.);
(6) WWW Reader's Digest 網 路 文 摘 (under construction); (7) Nature
Reserve 自 然 保 護 區; (8) Yushan Astronomical Observatory 玉 山 天 文 台.
Note: Frames capable browser needed! Index pages of this site are also
accessible in text-only format.


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