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22 Oct 1999

New in IGCS - Literature:

Hanquan Database of Ancient Texts  故 宮  【 寒 泉 】 古 典 文 獻 全 文 檢
索 資 料 庫

Ed./Corp.: Chen Yufu 陳 郁 夫, Palace Museum Taipei, Taiwan
Language: Chinese (Big5).
Resource type: Searchable fulltext database.

Description: This widely known database is now freely available on-line!
The search interface is simple but efficient, at least Boolean searches
(and/or) are possible, and within each textcorpus you can search single
parts or the whole text. The results include the context of the search
word/phrase, and references to the printed edition (volume, page, etc.).

Site contents: (1) Shisan jing 十 三 經 (based on Ruan Yuan's 阮 元
edition, but without ommentaries); (2) Xian-Qin zhuzi 先 秦 諸 子 (Pre-Qin
Philosophers; containing Baopu Xunzi 包 括 荀 子, Laozi 老 子, Zhuangzi 莊
子, Liezi 列 子, Mozi 墨 子, Yanzi Chunqiu 晏 子 春 秋, Guanzi 管 子,
Shangjunshu 商 君 書, Shenzi 慎 子, Hanfeizi 韓 非 子, Sunzi 孫 子, Wuzi 吳
子, Yinwenzi 尹 文 子, Lshi chunqiu 呂 氏 春 秋); (3) Quan Tang shi 全 唐
詩 (Complete Tang Poems; based on the Zhonghua shuju 中 華 書 局 edition in
25 vols); (4) Song Yuan xu'an 宋 元 學 案; (5) Mingru xue'an 明 儒 學 案;
(6) Siku quanshu zongmu 四 庫 全 書 總 目; (7) Zhuzi yulei 朱 子 語 類; (8)
Hong lou meng 紅 樓 夢 (Dream of the Red Chamber); (9) Baisha quanji 白 沙
全 集 (Complete works of Chen Xianzhang 陳 憲 章, 15th c.); (10) Zizhi
tongjian 資 治 通 鑑; (11) Xu Zizhi tongjian 續 資 治 通 鑑; (12) Ershiwu
shi 二 十 五 史 (25 Histories; each to be searched seperately). More texts
will be added in the future.

Note: No access restriction! (But frames capable browser needed).


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