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23 Oct 1999

New in IGCS - Philosophy and Religion:

Scripta Sinica 漢 籍 電 子 文 獻

Ed./Corp.: Academia Sinica Computer Center (ASCC), Taiwan
Language: Chinese (Big5).
Resource type: Fulltext database.

Description: One of the major fulltext database projects currently under
way. The texts are carefully proofread and relatively reliable. Currently
(Oct 1999) the database contains some 140 mio characters, growth rate is 10
mio characters per annum. Although the search program is extremely mighty,
most of its capabilities remain largely unexploited in the WWW version (see
note below).

Site contents: (1) Ershiwu shi 二 十 五 史 (25 Histories); (2) Shisan jing
zhushu 十 三 經 注 疏 (13 Classics with Commentaries); (3) Ancient Chinese
Texts (excerpts) 上 古 漢 語 語 料 庫 - 摘 要 (includes Lunyu 論 語, Mengzi
孟 子, Mozi 墨 子, Zhuangzi 莊 子, Xunzi 荀 子, Hanfeizi 韓 非 子,
L&uumlcshi chunqiu 呂 氏 春 秋, Laozi 老 子, Shangjunshu 商 君 書, Guanzi
管 子, Yanzi chunqiu 晏 子 春 秋, Sunzi 孫 子); (4) Taiwan fangzhi 臺 灣 方
志 (Local Histories of Taiwan); (5) Taiwan dang'an 臺 灣 檔 案 (Taiwan
Historical Archive); (6) Taiwan wenxian 臺 灣 文 獻 (Documents from
Taiwan); (7) Wenxin diaolong 文 心 雕 龍; (8) Fojing sanlun 佛 經 三 論
(Three Treatises of Buddhist Canon); (9) Yao Jiheng zhuzuoji 姚 際  著 作
集 (Collected Works of Yao Jiheng); (10) Xin Qing shi 新 清 史 - 本 紀;
(11) Yuefu shiji 樂 府 詩 集.

Access to the following parts of the database is restricted: (1) Zhuzi 諸
子 (Pre-Han Philosophers); (2) Guji shiba zhong 古 籍 十 八 種 (18 Ancient
Texts); (3) Guji sanshisi zhong 古 籍 三 十 四 種 (34 Ancient Texts); (4)
Dazheng xinxiu da zangjing 大 正 新 脩 大 藏 經 (Taisho Tripitaka); (5)
Qingdai jingshi wenbian 清 代 經 世 文 編; (6) Zhonghua minguo shishi rizhi
中 華 民 國 史 事 日 誌 (Diary of the Republic of China, 1912-1949).

Note: For sophisticated research purposes the telnet version remains the
best solution. European scholars may use the telnet access to the 25
Histories at Heidelberg University
( A detailed description of
all search possiblities will be available there soon (Nov. 1999).


With kind regards,

Hanno Lecher ([log in to unmask])



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