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SCIENCE-JOBS-DE consists of a series of mailing lists for the subscription of either all job offerings (up to now) or just the job offerings of one or more categories (new), i.e. the selected offerings will be sent via Email. Independent of these mailing list you can search our WWW-archive of job offerings sorted by catgeories.

Joining/Leaving Mailing Lists

If you want to subscribe one or more mailing list(s) we recommend our WWW-interface for Joining mailing lists. Vice versa you may unsubscribe one or more mailing list(s) at the same time using our WWW-interface for Leaving mailing lists.

Otherwise you can reach the Subscription/Unsubscription page of each mailing list this way:


Mailing List

Job offerings in

SCIENCE-JOBS-DE   all catgeories
SJD-HIST-ART   History, Art
SJD-SOCIAL   Social & Behavioural Sciences
SJD-EDUC-PSYC   Education & Human Development, Psychology
SJD-LING-LIT   Linguistics, Literature
SJD-AGRI-FORES   Agricultural Science, Forestry
SJD-MED-PHARMA   Medicine, Pharmacology
SJD-GEO   Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Geology, Geography
SJD-PHYS-MATH   Physics, Mathematics
SJD-ARCHITECTURE   Architecture, Civil Engineering
SJD-ELECTRICAL   Electrical Engineering
SJD-INFO-COMP   Information Technology, Computer Science, Computing Center, ...
SJD-BUSINESSAD   Business Administration

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