Email Interfaces - Part 2 of 2

Email Interfaces

We recommend to use the web interface for posting an open job position. Please use the Email Interface only when absolutely necessary - in the past we have detected a lot of problems and misunderstandings which we hopefully can reduce by the following small guideline.

Email Addresses

SCIENCE-JOBS-DE is based on mailing lists managed by Listserv. Listserv typically supports 3 types of Email Addresses (we use the mailing list SCIENCE-JOBS-DE for all categories as an example - this applies analogously to all category related sublists):

Remarks for the employers

Please send your vacancies via Email to the address or one of the category related sublists. The text of your offering should contain 7-BIT-ASCII only without any national characters - you can achieve it by exporting the description from your word processor into a txt-file. Please do not send us data

Using ASCII characters only ensures that everybody can read your vacancy on any plattform with any mail client and that the automatic web archive functions.

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