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How to post a vacancy?

SCIENCE-JOBS-DE provides a simple Web form which employers can use to easily post job vacancies. This form seamlessly accepts text transfer using the "Cut/Paste" function of your browser and any word processing program.

Do employers need to join the list?

You need not subscribe to SCIENCE-JOBS-DE in order to submit a job posting! One can fill out the job vacancy form and confirm its placement after a short delay in the Web Archive of Job Offerings.

Problems and Errors?

Usually the program will point to the overlooked field generating the error. Simply complete the field and resubmit the posting. Should this not alleviate the problem, you may need to update your browser to a version which can deal with the Web form on this page.

Can you change or delete a job advertisment?

No one except the SCIENCE-JOBS-DE list owner can change or delete a job listing once it has been distributed via email and added to the Web Archive. To change a job posting, submit a new job posting and a mail to the SCIENCE-JOBS-DE owner to request that the original listing be deleted from the database. All listings will be automatically deleted from the Web Archive 60 days after their posting date. To delete a job posting before this date simply notify the SCIENCE-JOBS-DE owner.

Remember that the SCIENCE-JOBS-DE service is complimentary!

Accordingly, please understand that we cannot take any special needs into consideration regarding job listings and we kindly ask that all requests to the SCIENCE-JOBS-DE owner be kept to a minimum.

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