Job offerings by scientists for job seeking scientists

Science-Jobs-De's Purpose

SCIENCE-JOBS-DE is a job board organized by scientific profession and category. It is a service offered by scientists for job seeking scientists courtesy of Heidelberg University.

Science-Jobs-De's Costs

SCIENCE-JOBS-DE is a free service - for job offerers and for job seekers.

Science-Jobs-De's Target Groups

The job offerings serviced by SCIENCE-JOBS-DE should be offerings from public research institutions, e.g. vacancies sponsored by third party funds. Other job offerings with relation to science from industry or public sector are welcome.

Science-Jobs-De's Cooperations

SCIENCE-JOBS-DE cooperates with other Service Providers to improve and enhance the job offerings for job seeking scientists:


a Germany wide Online Market for diploma and doctoral theses
the Career Market in Heidelberg for Natural Sciences, Medicine and Economics

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