Due to the heavy discussion after closing the "moderation" of the mailing list we have collected some helpfull and constructive suggestions, especially the contributions of Martin Pohl (Uni Ulm) and Jens Schmidt (TU Dresden) - many thanks for their collaboration.

  1. This mailing list is a "non moderated" mailing list since July 13th 1999, i.e. all emails will be forwarded to all subscribers without any interference or control. Thus it does not make any sense to post inquiries or complaints to the list, the subscribers expecting job offerings will only be bothered.
  2. In the same direction you do not need any cover letter for a job offering. At the best you use our WWW-form for posting open positions.
  3. Inquiries should be addressed to the people responsible for the service as indicated on the Science-Job-De homepage.
  4. We ask all subscribers of Science-Jobs-De to simply ignore irrelevant emails, otherwise we will end up in a situation where we have more discussions than job offerings on the list. To classify an email as "irrelevant" and to delete it costs about 5 seconds of time, and we believe that this is acceptable.
  5. Last but not least it is absolutely unnecessary to personaly attack or offend someone on the mailing list. Nobody intends to make errors but everybody has the right to make a mistake. If you want to post a personal comment you can use the personal email address of the sender. Do not send personal comments to the list - this is an act of courtesy.
  6. You can join or leave the list using either the recommended WWW-form or via email. On the corresponding WWW-pages we have put some help information on how to leave the list. This text can also be send by members of the Science-Jobs-De service to people who may have made a mistake when leaving the list.

Up 30.07.2010 Responsible: Team Science-Jobs-De