What it offers to you

What it offers to you

SCIENCE-JOBS-DE's portfolio of services includes - besides manyfold WWW- interfaces -

We strongly recommend to use these WWW-interfaces only. This way a clear seperation of the functions subscription maintenance, job offerings and job applications is assured and all problems of formating the job offerings and the job applications are solved.

For the job seeking interested party

You can either subscribe to the mailing list - i.e. you will receive the job offerings via normal email - or regularly visit our WWW-archive of the job offerings.

For the job offering interested party

At best you submit your job offering (vacancy) using the WWW-form "WWW-Form for Job Offerings" mentioned above where you can transfer the text of the open position from your word processor using cut/paste. Job offerers do not need to have a subscription for posting open positions to SCIENCE-JOB-DE. In addition you can check the WWW-archive of job search requests for a qualified candidate.

Email Interfaces to Science-Jobs-De

Please use the old email interfaces (instead of the recommended WWW-forms) only when absolutely necessary. We had a lot of problems and misunderstandings with the email interfaces and we hope to cover most of them by the specifications of the email interfaces.


Due to preliminary problems at the beginning of the service we have run the service moderated, i.e. each article has to be approved by an editor. The overload of the editor(s) caused us to stop the moderation of the mailing list on July 13th 1999. Please do not misuse this mailing list resulting in a service degradation which might in the last resort end in a cancellation of the service.

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