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Frank Mittelbach <[log in to unmask]>
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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:36:59 +0100
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 > Frank Mittelbach introducing "inpmath":
 >  > \usepackage{inpmath}
 >  > \DeclareMathMeaning{\"}{\ddot}
 > pleased to see that project which was already implemented...
 > at least in French Pro along with the "keyboard" package.
 > Since i did that for the "mltex" option, i really appreciate
 > to have it available without it too.

glad to learn that; can you perhaps tell us how you resolved the problem of
either killing ligatures and kerns or alternatively making the wrong choice at
the begining of an \halign cell that afterwards (!) jumps into math mode?

 > But.. i consider there is a little typographic pb because, in
 > the current example, the diacritic should not be at the same
 > place in math (italic) and in text since fonts are very different.
 > This is in fact a basic TeX pb.

so it is, but so it is in my example, eg

\"a  -> either \accent <something> a or \char<somenumber>  % in text
     -> \ddot a % in math which sets the diacritics differently

 > Doing that, what about \c and \C? or \L and \o and such?
 > and \oe, \OE ? The pb is a little more complicated and
 > should often require a new definition of that macros.

i'm at loss at what you are driving at here, can you explain?


defines a mapping for an object of LaTeX Internal Character Representation,
e.g. \L, to a math object. That math object needs to exist, ie eith there is
one or there isn't if there isn't you can't map to it, which means using \L in
math will give you an error telling you there is no definition for math.

 >  > i would be very much interested in comments concerning the approach the
 >  > feasibility or anything else you find useful to discuss in this respect, eg
 >  >
 >  >  should such an implementation be incorporated (somehow not this one),
 >  >     - as a package,
 >  >     - as a standard,
 > yes, as a standard-goal.

well, it still needs sorting out the obstacles that i describe in the
docu. Only if that can be safely done one could use that approach as a
standard, otherwise i see no chance.

the reason that the textmath package by Vladimir works is because it is geared
towards a certain type of language and for a package to be valid that is
enough but it wouldn't work properly with a Latin based language like French
or German where most chars are represented by themselves.

I would be really interested to learn how the keyboard package approaches
these problems