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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Frank Mittelbach <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 2 Jan 2000 22:15:22 +0100
Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
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Some time ago James (i think) remarked that one important aspect of
the template mechanism is to come up with sensible names for the
keywords. This is certainly true and unfortunately far from easy.

I've just found some notes written late last century on possible
naming conventions for template keyword suffixes. i'm not really happy
with them but perhaps one or the other of you has some better ideas.

further down i have listed all keywords that i have found in my
working directory. (some are part of files not yet distributed or
obsolete). they are rather unstructured but i hope that they help a
bit to come up with ideas


Key name suffixes:

The following suffixes denote special types of keywords:

 -font:         receives a font specification
                Type is f0

 -action:       typesetting action to be carried out that does *not* have
                arguments. Type is f0

 -format:       typesetting action to be carried out that does have arguments
                (typically one). Type is f1/f2/f3/...

 -list:         comma separated list of values (need braces around it because
                of commas). Type is f0.

 -adjust:       "length" specifying an adjustment to a default placement
                if direction is important use -adjust-x or -adjust-y
                Type: l/L

 -sep:          "length" specifying a separation between two points

 -height:       "length" specifying a height of some object

 -width:        "length" specifying a <guess> :-) of some object

 -id:           abstract "name" for some object or for some action
                Type is n

 -boolean:      receives either "true" or "false"
                Type is b or s

 -setup:        receives an instance name for some template
                (this was originally called -instance but i changed my mind)
                Type is i

 -text:         receives text eg a fixed heading string etc.
                Type is f0

Keywords as currently used

=+C par-penalty
=+C penalty
=+L par-parindent
=+L par-vspace
=+L parindent
=+L space
=+L vspace
=+f0 decls
=+f0 label-format
=+f0 leaders-text
=+f0 post-action
=+f0 pre-action
=+f1 page-format
=+f1 title-format
=+f1 title-format-nolabel
=+l label-width
=+l leaders-width
=+l left-margin
=+l right-adjust
=+l right-margin
=C penalty
=C post-penalty
=C pre-penalty
=L h-adjust
=L leaders-sep
=L mark-sep
=L nominal-height
=L number-title-sep
=L number-width
=L object-indent
=L object-width
=L pnum-title-sep
=L pnum-width
=L post-sep
=L quote-sep
=L right-margin-sep
=L text-sep
=L title-sep
=L top-sep
=L v-adjust
=b afterindent-boolean
=b number-boxed-boolean
=b numbered-boolean
=b running-boolean
=b toc-boolean
=c contents-depth
=c item-penalty
=c post-penalty
=c pre-penalty
=f0 afterhead-pre-v-action
=f0 body-style
=f0 color-action
=f0 decls
=f0 end-action
=f0 file-extension
=f0 file-name
=f0 h-level-id
=f0 head-default-text
=f0 head-punct
=f0 head-style
=f0 header-format
=f0 heading
=f0 initial-font
=f0 label-format
=f0 leaders-action
=f0 leaders-code
=f0 multi-mark-sep
=f0 note-style
=f0 object-decls
=f0 page-action
=f0 para-action
=f0 parshape-list
=f0 post-action
=f0 post-h-action
=f0 post-head-action
=f0 post-v-action
=f0 pre-action
=f0 pre-h-action
=f0 pre-v-action
=f0 punct-end
=f0 punct-sep
=f0 punct-sub
=f0 punct-sup
=f0 punct-sup-sup
=f0 start-action
=f0 stop-action
=f0 text-font
=f0 widelabel-action
=f1 initial-format
=f1 item-label-format
=f1 mark-format
=f1 number-format
=f1 page-format
=f1 pnum-format
=f1 quote-format
=f1 title-format
=f1 title-format-nolabel
=f3 head-format
=i footnote-area-setup
=i footnote-mark-setup
=i footnote-text-setup
=i head-setup
=i headed-para-setup
=i hyphenation-setup
=i item-hmaterial-setup
=i item-post-hmaterial-setup
=i item-vmaterial-setup
=i justification-setup
=i label-position-setup
=i linebreak-setup
=i measure-setup
=i numbered-setup
=i numhead-setup
=i post-hmaterial-setup
=i post-vmaterial-setup
=i pre-hmaterial-setup
=i pre-vmaterial-setup
=i unnumbered-setup
=l head-indent
=l head-sep
=l item-sep
=l label-indent
=l label-sep
=l label-width
=l leaders-sep
=l left-margin
=l left-margin-width
=l number-indent
=l number-width
=l object-indent
=l object-width
=l par-sep
=l pnum-title-sep
=l pnum-width
=l post-skip
=l post-space
=l pre-sep
=l pre-skip
=l pre-space
=l right-margin
=l right-margin-sep
=l right-margin-width
=l space
=n area-id
=n collection-id
=n counter-id
=n file-extension
=n file-name
=n item-label-text
=n level-id
=n name
=n type-id
=s footnote-below-floats-boolean
=s footnote-bottom-boolean
=s indent-boolean
=s item-accumulate-left-boolean
=s item-accumulate-right-boolean
=s item-implicit-boolean
=s number-boxed-boolean
=s topfloats-boolean