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Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
Frank Mittelbach <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 21:52:48 +0100
Mailing list for the LaTeX3 project <[log in to unmask]>
text/plain (192 lines)

 > I'll append it below.

thanks. it is good to see somebody having a go :-) and ...

 > It is almost entirely copied from latex.ltx

who cares at this point (though at a later point one should)

 > I'm not sure what you mean by the collection-id key of processcontents
 > I don't think I've done the right thing with it.

i think you did. see my example file below.

 > \DeclareUserCommand?  is this \DeclareDocumentCommand -- The Next
 > Generation? Help for commands used could be saved and written to a

heaven's no. slip of tongue more likely, age or stress. at one point David and
i called the the UserCommand but then settled for DeclareDocumentCommand even
though a bit longer --- just couldn't remember what we called it :-)


okay, so now we have an implementation by James and if you put that into a
file called xcontentsJK.sty then you should be able to run the test file i
appended below.

my questions to this list would be now:

 a) have a look at the output

 b) have a try to define your own TOC layout (take my abstract spec of the
    available keys from the previous mail)

 c) can you define the layout you are looking for?
    if not:
    - are there keys missing for the current templates?
    - are there other templates missing that do radically different things?
    - are the keys perhaps the wrong ones?

 d) share your thoughts and sample trials with us

 e) how difficult is it to implement a given design?

again thanks James to get us to this point


================= xcontents-test.tex




% small fixes (still doesn't exactly implement the spec
% but fine for now):

  pre-v-action     =f0 [\endgraf] \COpre@action,
  object-decls     =f0 [\relax]   \COobject@decl,
  object-indent    =l  [0pt]      \leftskip,
  object-width     =L  [\DelayEvaluation{\linewidth}]
  pnum-width       =l  [30pt]     \@tempdimb,
  title-format     =f1 [#1]       \COtitle@format,
%FMi default supposed to be flush right
  pnum-format      =f1 [\hfil #1]  \COpnum@format,
  pnum-title-sep   =l  [5pt]      \@tempskipa}
  \ifnum #2>\c@tocdepth \else {
%FMi force par for v-action
    \hbox to \COobject@width {
%FMi default supposed to be flush right
        \hbox to \@tempdimb{\COpnum@format{#6}}
%FMi was missing:

  pre-v-action     = \DelayEvaluation{\addpenalty{10000}
                     \addvspace{1em plus 1pt}},
  right-margin-sep = 15pt,
  title-format     = \textbf{#1},
  number-format    = \textbf{#1\hfil},
  pnum-format      = \textbf{\hfil#1},
  leaders-action   = ~,
  number-width     = \DelayEvaluation{1.5em}}

  object-indent = \DelayEvaluation{1.5em},
  number-width  = \DelayEvaluation{2.3em}}

  object-indent = \DelayEvaluation{3.8em},
  number-width  = \DelayEvaluation{3.2em}}

  object-indent = \DelayEvaluation{7.0em},
  number-width  = \DelayEvaluation{4.1em}}

  object-indent = \DelayEvaluation{10em},
  number-width  = \DelayEvaluation{5em}}



    pre-v-action = \endgraf\addvspace{3pt plus .2pt},
    object-decls = \sffamily,
    object-indent = 0pt,
    pnum-title-sep = 5pt,
    pnum-format    = \hfill#1,

    object-decls = \sffamily,
    object-indent = 0pt,
    pnum-title-sep = 15pt,
    pnum-format    = \hfill#1,

    object-decls = \sffamily,
    object-indent = 0pt,
    pnum-format =,
    pnum-title-sep = 30pt,
    pnum-format    = \hfill#1,


\section*{THE TEST: #1}
\contentsobject {1}{1}{section}{1}{A first section}{}{1}
\contentsobject {2}{2}{subsection}{1.1}{A first subsection}{}{1}
\contentsobject {3}{2}{subsection}{1.2}{A second subsection with an
   awful long title: some text or other to get us going right?}{}{1}
\contentsobject {4}{3}{subsubsection}{1.2.1}{A direct subsubsection}{}{1}
\contentsobject {5}{1}{section}{\NoValue }{Heading two as section}{}{1}
\contentsobject {6}{2}{subsection}{1.3}{With a direct subsection}{}{1}
\contentsobject {7}{3}{subsubsection}{1.3.1}{And some subsubsection}{}{1}
\contentsobject {8}{4}{paragraph}{\NoValue }{A runin paragraph}{}{1}
\contentsobject {9}{4}{paragraph}{\NoValue }{Another runin paragraph}{}{1}
\contentsobject {10}{5}{subparagraph}{\NoValue }{Another runin
\contentsobject {11}{5}{subparagraph}{\NoValue }{Another runin
  subparagraph number two}{}{1}
\contentsobject {12}{5}{subparagraph}{\NoValue }{Another runin
  subparagraph number three}{}{1}
\contentsobject {13}{1}{section}{2}{And another section}{}{1}
\contentsobject {14}{2}{subsection}{2.1}{that has a subsection}{}{1}
\contentsobject {15}{1}{section}{3}{A test}{}{2}
\contentsobject {16}{2}{subsection}{\NoValue }{with an unnumbered



% to add another toc example (chose a collection name FOO)
% add some CollectionInstances above and do: