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For use of the LaTeX discussion group. The purpose of this list is to discuss the development of the successor to LaTeX version 2e. Please direct general questions about version 2.09 and 2e to other lists. It is, however, perfectly allowed to point out deficiencies which should be improved in the next version. Note: ----- If mail to a list member is rejected three times, the corresponding mail address is deleted without further notice.
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Jonathan Fine
Wed, 3 Mar 2021 15:48:23 +0000

This is about improving communication between blind math students and
support staff on the one side and the LaTeX developers on the other.

I'll be brief. Kellee Sanchez's request for help started a discussion which
I found to be very good. It covers many interlinked topics. It will take me
some time to digest and understand. I'm learning so much from this

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