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Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:26:18 -0400
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At 06:16 PM 10/10/98 +0000, Phillip Helbig wrote:

>I would like to use the PostScript fonts, specifically the psnfss times
>package, so that manuscripts for the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics
>will be typeset as they later will appear in the journal.

Do you know what fonts they use?  `PostScript fonts' is a bit too generic,
given that there are supposedly 90,000 fonts in that form :-)

>Can someone point me to a) the times package (if it's REALLY just three
>lines I can type it in by hand)

in LaTeX 2e, \usepackage{times}

times.sty should be in the PSNFSS package.  You may need to say something
about font encoding (\usepackage[...]{fontenc}) and you may need to setup for DVIPS so it knows what to do.

>and b) the fonts.

The times.sty file uses Times-Roman, Helvetica and Courier fonts that
are printer resident in most PS printers.  So unless you want to preview
the DVI file you don't acutally need those fonts.  The fonts are available
from Adobe (  The cheapest way is probably to
get the Type Basics package from them.  If you need just individual fonts
you are better off going to MonoType ( who
sell licenses for individual fonts in this family.

The above will only change the text fonts.  Math will still use Computer
Modern fonts.  CM is lighter and wider than Times, so the mixture
is not too appealing. One solution is to use the MathTime fonts from Y&Y :-)
Other solutions are free - like mathptm - but limited because they can
only rely on having the Symbol font, which is also printer resident, hence
have to mix to gether Times, Symbol and some CM math fonts.

Regards, Louis.

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