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Frank Mittelbach <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 17 Feb 2001 23:24:46 +0100
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 > I am not sure if it is appropriate to post "user"-level questions
 > to this list, so if it is not, please let me know.

it definitely is! after all you are using or trying to use/experiment with
experimental code --- all that is discussed here.

 > I am using the xor experimental code and would like to declare
 > a new float type that has _no_ caption at all.

had to remind myself (being currently absorbed in language stuff as one may
have noticed) but here we go:

 Float formatting is actually separated in several parts, there is a
 declaration that declares a float type, ie \DeclareFloatType.

 On that level there isn't a way to say this type has no caption (perhaps
 there should)

 But there is also a point where the final float is mounted which is the
 template "buildfloat". The latter defines how a float body is combined with
 its caption and allows to reformat the caption according to certain
 needs. Now in the code there are three templates of type buildfloat
 predefined, putting the caption above below and (can't remember).

 So what would solve the problem is to define another template of that type
 that simply doesn't typeset any caption, eg

  \global\setbox\this@captioned@float\vbox{ \copy#1 }

% (the template code is a little weired but normally one should not have any
% need to write such a thing)
% you best put that into xo-capt.sty for the moment

and then make an instance for your new floattype


Guess this does need some more thought at some point. It is already mentioned
that none of the builtfloat templates are really proper templates, since they
do not have suitable prarameters but instead everything is hardwired.

Probably the buildfloat templates should recognise if a caption is not present
and in that case act accordingly anyway.

hope this works (I haven't actually checked it)

good night